Alvo Is an online VR Tactical Shooter with cross platform support.

Platforms: PSVR with aim controller, Vive, Oculus.

Release :  2018

Game modes: Search and Destroy, which is a 5 v 5 round based game mode, where one side attempts to plant the bomb and the other team must defend the sites and/or defuse the bomb.

Free 4 All: Every player for themselves, no teams, no mercy..

Domination: This is a game mode based on  capturing control spots all over the map, and holding them. The team with the most amount of points at the time limit will win.

Alvo will allow players to play cross platform across the three major VR headsets, PSVR, Vive an Oculus.

Alvo will have online bots for players to play with, in the case that there is not enough users online.


Alvo – Teaser Trailer (PSVR, Vive, Oculus):

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